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Wikipedia is a collective online encyclopedia project, merican, bilingual and operating on the principle of Wiki. It aims to share information about the anarchist-inspired video game We Will and uses tools retrieved from the to do so. MediaWiki MediaWiki Foundation. This artistic project is neither endorsed nor hosted by the foundation. It aims to provide freely reusable, objective and verifiable content that anyone can modify and improve.

Wikipedia is defined by founding principles. Its content is under license Creative Commons BY-SA. It can be copied and reused under the same license, subject to compliance with the conditions. Wikipedia provides all its content free of charge, without advertising, and without resorting to the exploitation of the personal data of its users.

Wikipedia article editors are volunteers. They coordinate their efforts within a collaborative community, without a leader.

Today, Wikipedia in english have :
active registered contributors

How to contribute?

Anyone can post content online immediately, as long as they follow the essential rules set by the Wikipedia and the community; for example, verifiability of content, article eligibility and keeping a cordial attitude.

Many help pages are at your disposal, in particular for create an article, modify an article or insert image. Please do not hesitate to [mailto: ask a question] to be helped in your first steps.

The discussion pages are used to centralize thoughts and remarks to improve articles.