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1. Introduction 2. Your first modification 3. Explore Wikipedia

These three pages, “First steps”, present the first and main bases for editing a Wikipedia page. These bases include the operating principles of the encyclopedia, but also and above all the description of the editing interface.

To be able to contribute effectively, we recommend that you read these three pages carefully. These are therefore exceptionally linear, without links to other content.

Good reading !

Wikipedia, what is this?[edit source]

The changes are listed on the View history page of the article.

Wikipedia is a free, open source, multilingual encyclopedia in which you are invited to participate. Modifying an article or creating a new one is technically very simple and very fast. Your changes will be instantly visible, and other Wikipedians will come and check and add to them. This type of cooperative website is called a wiki .

Wikipedia is based on founding principles:encyclopedism, neutrality, free license, savoir-vivre, daring and innovation. By participating in Wikipedia, you agree to respect them and make them respected.

How can this work?[edit source]

Internet users are constantly improving Wikipedia in French, by making thousands of changes, so that it becomes day by day larger, more complete and more precise, just like it has been able to. to be.

All changes made to an article are saved, both in the history page, present on all pages, and in the recent changes page. These two tools are freely available for consultation. It is therefore always possible to revert to an older version of this article and unnecessary or harmful contributions are usually removed quickly.

How can I help?[edit source]

Click on Modify to make a change in an article.

Do you see the Edit tab at the top of each post? On Wikipedia, by clicking on this button, you can edit an article, whether you are registered or not. This is detailed in the next step.

Don't hesitate! Start contributing today! Simply correcting a spelling error is a useful and appreciated contribution. Everyone can participate. Above all, don't be afraid to complete an article, or even create one. If necessary, more experienced editors can correct you and help you in your first steps. If in doubt, consult them.

You can also create articles. This is presented to you a little further on. Please note that you have to pay attention to the admissibility of your articles and your modifications: advertising, unrecognized, unverified subjects and people, partisan points of view... are not accepted. If there is a problem, or if you have any doubts, refer to another user.

Where can I find help?[edit source]

It is normal, when arriving on Wikipedia, to feel a little lost and to seek some information. If you have questions, ask other users for help.

If you wish, an experienced contributor, Anabellebel, can sponsor you during your early days on Wikipedia. Ask all the questions you want!

Either way, don't hesitate!