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The Sum

Radical camping simulator



Learning about the Worldmap can be a spoiler to the game.


The communities are organized inhabited places that have a certain importance and influence on the other places of Merica.

Occupied locations

Occupied locations are places inhabited by several organized individuals (or just one person), which have minor importance and influence within Merica and have been recently developed.

Ghost towns (ex-cities)

The ex-cities are ghost towns with the most traces of the Predation and dangers. Generally, these places, whether visited often or not, remain abandoned and show little sign of transformation over the years.

Hidden locations

The secret or hidden locations are small places, easy to miss, difficult to access or deliberately hidden. They often require the help of a map or the prior discovery of a clue to be found.

Special events

The special events are scenarios that are suddenly triggered while exploring the map. They can be very dangerous.


As in any post-apocalyptic game, The Sum contains hordes of items of any kind.

  • Ammos
    Munitions of all kinds.
  • Armors
    Clothes and other personal protection suits made from various materials.
  • Collectables
    Any items that are found and used more than once. They often offer benefits by simply readily available in the character's inventory, or are of use while equipped.
  • Consumables
    Items that are eaten, drank, swallowed or have a one-time use. They disappear as soon as they are used.
  • Firearms
    Firearms, whathever they are pistols, rifles, hi-tech guns, military assault weapons or anything in between.
  • Weapons
    Hand-held melee weapons of various sorts to thrown weapons and fighting gloves. Some are fragile and disappear after one use.



The following groups have a particular influence within Merica:


The following professions were developed after the Predation era:


Main characters

The 22 main characters of the game:


Diagram : Movement of the main characters through time


These characters can join the player's team:

Companion animals

These animals can join the player's team:

Companion robots

These robots can join the player's team:

Other characters

Many other characters populate Merica. They can be either the inhabitants of a community, autonomous survivors, people in need who entrust a task to the main character, enemies, etc.

Characters (stats)


Each Skill evolves with autonomy and experience.

  • Combat (Pistol, Gun, Big Gun, Unarmed, Melee)
  • Survival (Read, Survival, Medecine, Sneak, Lockpick, Steal)
  • Profession (Traps, Science, Repair, Pilot, Exchange, Scavenge, Travel)


What sets you apart, including the organizations you've joined and the Perks you get after certain levels of autonomy.

  • Circumstantial (Biodigest, Cannibal, Child, Contagious, Illiterate, Killer, Loner, Milk maker, Parasitized, Radiated, Vegetarian)
  • Communities (Farmer, Federated, Knight, Member, Patriot, Pirate, Proprietarian, Resistant, Road warrior, Royalist, Syndic, Wendigo, Witch)
  • Exclusive (Auto-sacrificed, Connoisseur, Embroker, Jugger, Marked, Materialist, Medic, Monk, Mykobrewer, Panther, Saboteur, Sister, Unlocker, Vehement)
  • From items (Helmeted, Informed, Long view, Masked, Night vision, Shod, Warned)
  • Normal (Attentive, Bluffer, Bolder, Boxer, Bracing, Changed, Collectivist, Cowboy.girl, Dark vision, Drunken master, Faster, Hardened, Harder, Heroic, Higher, Hitter, Hygienic, Illuminated, Independant, Nomad, One Day at a Time, One with the universe, Passionnate, Precise, Quick Recovery, Rambo, Recycler, Runner, Self-Educated, Sharper, Silent Running, Slumdog, Smarter, Snakelike, Specialized, Stronger, Thrower, Without mercy)
  • Ultimate (Alert,Amoral,Combo attacks,Duelist,Gunner,Hunter-gatherer,Lead Foot, Leader, Living Anatomy, Manual, Marginal, Miraculous, Native, Pyromaniac, Sadistic, Sly, Sniper, Weapon Geek)


Traits describe you in more detail. They have positive and negative effects.

What to do?

The game goal is to find a place to live. Nevertheless, many other activities can be carried out!

Find a place to live (important)

Red lines (10)

The red lines represent goals that require a specific character. They are triggered when that character is chosen and played, usually at the beginning of the game.

Become an adult (Mara)

Escape (Brave, Dann, Monréal, Veille)

Gather supplies (Kadi, Hiverse)

Leave home for good (Amérique, Basque, Franche, Isabette, Nouvelle, Tempo)

Make a friend or friends and come back (Mercie, Talée)

Offer you services as a medic (Chance)

Reach the sea (Marais, Vaillant)

Recover from your injuries (Géorgy, Talée)

Return home (Brave, Géorgy, Read)

Survive the HaNa virus (Épi, Leg)

Quests (45)

Quests (or tasks) are scenarios that can be experienced by any main character and involve moving across the map to another (sometimes distant) locations.

Address the reproductive problem

Assassinate Her Majesty

Cause a blackout in Capital

Clean up Rouge's shelters

Conclude an agreement between Patria and the Brotherhood

Confront Carmor's dangerous member

Convince a community to build a wall

Deliver boxes of cards

Deliver Shevèque's fingers to Rouge

Destroy the war machine that was rebuilt in Salvage

Dismantle Givehub, the unfair competitor

Donate the C.A.C.H.E. archives to the Humanity archives

Drive out the looters from Corpses

Eliminate the Serial Killer

Explore the nuclear shelter and bring back surveillance equipment

Find a picture of Mammon's husband

Find a speculator for Trans

Find a sugar supplier for Reverdie

Find and sabotage the nuclear truck

Find the location of Apocalypso

Find the missing Melindil

Free the slaves of Île-aux-courges

Get more information on the Predation

Help a pirate's son escape from Poston prison

Help the Red Panthers find the missing women

Investigate Capital's new robots

Bring back food from Mistissini

Offer asylum in Apocalypso to the residents of Cap-Lévis

Pick up two bodies at SILO and place them in the Coral Green Water Extractor

Print the DSM-8

Provide access to ex-US government buildings

Reach the desert to see the extent of it

Free / Kill farm animals so that they are no longer exploited

Retrieve Corride's belongings in Powassan

Retrieve Iga's belongings from her house in Corpses

Sacrifice / Save the mutant babies

Secure the Kettle Hotel

Share the anarchism archives

Share the feminism archives

Spy / Get information on Capital's police

Steal the sword of peace from King Denys I at La Baie

Steal weapons from Cartier or Patria

Strut around in a suit of Carmor in the surrounding communities

Take part in the Estrie conflict

Unlock all locations

Local quests (30)

Local quests (or tasks) are small scenarios that can be experienced by any character. They only concern a specific location and are usually completed quickly.

Administer a mutation serum to a Patria warrior

Amputate two of your own fingers

Attack Rêvaméricain to destroy its speculator

Boil a dog head for the Jug game

Bring 1,000 bank bills for an art project

Bring 4 artifacts to a collector

Bring at least 2 newspapers from the Predation to Tristane

Find / Drive out the Capital activists

Clean the sensors

Convince the conflicting group to leave Terrace

Convince the durvivors to Join Carmor

Convince the Pack to leave Capital

Deposit Sylvain's body at the top of the tower of silence

Destroy / Disable the servers that drain electricity from the square

Drive out the Capital Police from the edge of Cap-Lévis

Drive out the poor settled near La Porte

Find a toilet key

Find Phillip's glasses

Follow the peaceful path

Get 5 repcoins

Help a child in the community kill his first animal

Join the anarchist community being created in Sabbenay

Optimize Ouyn's electrical system

Recover a stolen item from a seller

Repair / Destroy the servers

Save Abbenée from an intoxication

Skin a member of La Baie community

Solve, at least temporarily, the infestation of vermin in the archives

Talk to the summits about Scott's help in repairing the church roof.

Teach Violin how to read

DivLab's quests (10)

The DivLab is a networked computer system that offers tasks based on the needs of the Federated Communities of Merica, skills and location of its users. Each federated community must be visited if all tasks are to be completed.

Assist Kofun to recover data from the research center servers

Transmit the necessary information to Sabbenay for their community

Become a spokesperson for the federated communities of the Mericas

Bring a federation letter to La Main Tendue

Bring clothes for the annual parade

Demine the City of Noranda

Find a seed bank

Find and recruit a crop expert

Help the overworked medical staff of Cap-Lévis

Repair the water filtration system of the research center

Jobs (10)

Jobs can only be accomplished by first being accepted into a community. They are usually repetitive and sometimes paid (in caps, local money, trinks or gold bits).

Clinic (Win-Win)

Culture (Apocalypso, Archipel, Cap-Lévis, Coral, Fat, Kofun, La Baie, La main tendue, The Valley, Mistissini, Noranda, Patria, Rouge, Salvage, Terrace)

Dormitory (Capital, Noranda, Ottawawa)

Landfill (Capital, La Porte)

Livestock (Archipel, Cartier, Fat, La Baie, Mistissini, Noranda, Patria)

Offices (Carmor, Noranda, La Porte, The Valley, Sumbridge)

Research (Kofun, Noranda)

Security (Capital, Cap-Lévis, Cartier, Poston)

Shop (Apocalypso, The Valley, Noranda, Ottawawa, Poston, Sault)

Workshop (Carmor, Noranda, Rouge, Terrace, Sumbridge)