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The free encyclopedia that anyone can help recreate

What's left of it

You will find - gathered here for the consultation of all - all the pieces of information that the crypto-anarchists of Kofun (ex - Chibougameau) have managed, from year 2197, to recover from "feue" Wikipedia, the most important encyclopedia of the Predation. As the information retrieved is continuously updated here, the original site ( is left intact (and sometimes referred to) for archaeological concerns.

Currently, Wikipedia 2197 is only available in English and French. There are almost exclusively articles on North-East Merica: its main communities, its explored locations, its major organizations, its people, its technologies in use, its occupations, the most common Predation items, the activities happening as well as the customs that take place there.

There is still a lot to do, and if you have the time and the inclination, you can contribute to help restore it.

The Sum

Anticipation game, The Sum can be seen as a radical “camping simulator”, a post-anthropocentric arcadia, an artistic walk into the humanity of tomorrow. It is proposed as a work of art in the meaning of Alexandre Afanassièvitch Potèbnia: “of thought through images”. A desperate projection of utopias, it seeks to bring to life anarchies that are growing through North America.

Its goal is simple: to look for a place to live, even if it means ending up alone in the middle of a devastated territory, ravaged by global warming and the bankruptcy of the States. From an often dramatic start (pandemic at the former Ikea store of Boucherville, collapse of a building of ex-Montreal, forestfire north of ex-Quebec city, etc.), the character is called upon to conquer his.her autonomy or join a community.

This is an opportunity to present a collection of some 25 "model" cities (from sincerity to satire), all colorful and somewhat exotic. They are indebted and sometimes attributable to the society of Annares (anarchist moon) in Ursula K. Le Guin's major book: "The Dispossessed". The project seeks to see beyond the predicted climatic consequences to offer in visit a new world where freedoms, mutual aid and direct democracies exist and intersect in an open way.

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