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Wikipedia help > Insert an image, a reference, etc.
Beginner level
Wikipedia is illustrated by many images, stored on this server
Two systems are available for inserting, modifying and organizing images on Wikipedia: wikicode and the Visual Editor.
Important : Images stored on French Wikipedia are not automatically stored on English Wikipedia and must be added again. This is so to allow different versions of the images depending on the language. Before importing an image, make sure you have the rights to it.

Only pictures?[edit source]

For convenience, we use the term "image", because it is mostly images that are present in the articles. The method presented also allows you to insert videos or files in certain formats (pdf, for example).

Add an image[edit source]

To add and/or upload an image in an article, the image does not have to be already present in the shared media library on the server if you are using the VisualEditor.

How to insert an image[edit source]

Two interfaces are available for inserting an image:
"modify the code"
Visual editor

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