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This page only concerns the VisualEditor (links « Edit »)
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Well chosen and placed in the right place, the images illustrate Wikipedia. Their layout and legend are important points that should not be overlooked. This page will explain how to do this.

The following method uses VisualEditor and allows you to upload a file at the same time that we add it and incorporate the essential elements into it.
Important : if you don't know how to use the Visual Editor, go to Help:Editing Toolbar
Example image embedded in text as thumbnail and right aligned.

To remember[edit source]

From the "Insert" menu in the toolbar, it is possible to add an image (already imported to Wikipedia or not) using the "Images and media" icon.

alt =

Insert image[edit source]

After clicking on the "Images and Media" icon, a dialog box will appear for you to search for an image hosted on the server, our digital media library; use the search box. You can use the images present to illustrate Wikipedia, without asking the authorization of the authors (principle of the free license).


If the image to be inserted is stored on your hard drive, it must first be imported. To do this, click on "Upload" instead or read how to import an image.

If you like any of the resulting images, click on it and a new menu will open.
Select a file to upload.png

Once the image is chosen, new menus will open which will allow you to clarify the presentation of the image in the article.

Use this image.png

Although you must add a file name and description to any uploaded image (in addition to indicating that you are the author of this work), it is not mandatory to add a caption to the image.

Field to add a caption to an image.png

Format an image[edit source]

Image formatting parameters.

When inserting the legend, it is possible to click on "Advanced settings" to modify the display options.

You can then change the alignment ("left", "center" or "right"), and the format of the image:

  • "thumbnail" (with caption)
  • "borderless" (without caption)
  • "frame" (actual size with caption)
  • "basic" (actual size without caption)

You can also display a border for frameless images. The size of the image can also be changed, while keeping the correct proportions.

To make the change, click on "Insert".

Your layout will immediately appear on the page, but it will not be saved until you save the entire page.

Modify an existing image[edit source]

To modify an existing image, if you are using the "Read" tab, click on the image. If it opens in Media Viewer, click "More Details" at the bottom right. Then click on "Import a new version of this file" to replace the selected image with another.

Import a new version of the file

If you are using the “Edit” tab (Visual Editor), click on the image and then on the “Edit” button. You can then change the image by clicking on "Change image" at the bottom right of the next window.