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This tutorial shows how to create a portrait to add in The Sum.

Example of large portrait with dimensions of 300 x 300 pixels.

Required tools[edit | edit source]

Create a portrait[edit | edit source]

There are two types of portraits: a small one (the most common) and a large one (for the 22 main characters).

Bulb.png  For successful integration into The Sum, the photo to be used should be framed at the shoulders, include the entire head, and be taken relatively from the front. 

Small portrait[edit | edit source]

Example of a portrait with dimensions of 75 x 100 pixels.
This tutorial uses mainly Photoshop, but any other image editor will do.
  1. Open the photo in Photoshop', then immediately save a .psd version of it.
    Bulb.png  Name this file _code_name_of_character.psd. 

  2. Go to the
    menu and then
     Layer from Background... 
    . Press
  3. With the lasso tool (
    ), cut the outline of the portrait to remove the background.
    Bulb.png  The tool Background eraser can also be useful for this task. 

  4. Change the tool for cropping' (
    ), and in the property bar (top), in the boxes to the right of
     W/H ratio 
    , type
    75 and 100 and make sure
     Delete cropped pixels 
    is unchecked
  5. Crop the image close to the face (note that the proportion is preset).
  6. Press
    to save.
  7. Go to the
    menu then
     Image size... 
  8. Change the width of the image to 75 pixels (the height should automatically be set to 100 pixels)
  9. Go to the menu
     Save as... 
    then save as .png in Game/core/---BOX---.
    Alert.png  Close the image without saving it. The .psd file already created is of better resolution 

Large portrait[edit | edit source]

Follow the previous steps (or start from the file .psd that you have created) and resize the image to 300 x 300 pixels instead of 75 x 100 pixels.

Convert to .zar file[edit | edit source]

  1. Open the folder Game/ then FT Tools.EXE.
  2. Click on
    ⦿  OK 
  3. Click on
    ⦿  PNG To ZAR 
  4. Open the folder
    and select your portrait to convert.
  5. Move the .zar file created in the folder ---BOX--- to the folder Game/core/gui/char.
    Bulb.png  Although .png files work in The Sum, it is recommended to only use the .zar.