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The following online tools and lists have been created to help edit The Sum game.

Alert.png  Each of the following documents can be edited by any user by default. Be careful not to delete contents by mistake when using them! 

To-do list[edit | edit source]

TO-DO / BUGS[edit | edit source]

This table presents both the to-do list regarding the next upcoming version of The Sum, but also a list of current found bugs.

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Bulb.png  If you are fixing bugs in this list or notice that they have already been fixed, consider checking them to indicate that they have been fixed. 

QUESTS[edit | edit source]

This table presents the complete list of quests created or to be created in The Sum, but also a list of locations where a trace (written, audio, drawn, etc.) has been left by someone (bringing a significant narrative element to the game).

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Information Lists[edit | edit source]

COMMUNAUTÉS / GROUPES (Communities / Groups)[edit | edit source]

This table presents in details the communities] most known and each of the organized groups that are actively present in Merica. It includes a code editor to generate scripts to add to the Level_editor.29|Level editor to update the reaction (friendly or hostile) of the groups (or even make them disappear completely from the Random encounters) according to the player's actions.

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ANIMAUX - Random maps[edit | edit source]

This table details the animals present in the random locations of the worldmap, with their numbers, the locations in which they appear, and their behavior code programmed in the Level Editor.

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Alert.png  The animal behavior code only affects animals in random locations of the game. Animals in communities, occupied locations and ex-cities may behave differently as they are scripted specifically in those locations 

Schematics[edit | edit source]

SCHÉMA - Interactions Factions[edit | edit source]

This diagram presents in a very general way the interactions between the different communities of Merica and some inhabited places (such as fortified suburbs, occupied places and others). It can be used as a point of comparison when create dialogs or quests.

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SCHÉMA - Déplacement des personnages[edit | edit source]

This diagram shows in a timeline the movement of the main characters and some secondary characters.

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Creation tools[edit | edit source]

CODES[edit | edit source]

Script assistant to prepare codes to add to the Level Editor. Allows you to prepare:

  • Some dialogue scripts adapting themselves to certain characteristics of the main character (e.g. ability to seduce or lie)
  • General scripts following a situation and integrating selected variables and character names. Especially useful for preparing quests.

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CODES - Sound zones[edit | edit source]

Assistant for creating soundscapes, allowing you to prepare the needed code in the text files (.txt) of soundscapes present in Game/core/sound/, Game/core/music/ and Game/core/musicSpecial/, to load them afterwards in the Level_editor. Allows you to prepare :

  • The list of soundzones added in a specific level.
    Alert.png  This generated code must be identical to the soundzones in the level where the .txt file will be loaded. 

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POINTS DE VIE (Calcul)[edit | edit source]

Simple tool to know the maximum number of Life Points of a character according to some criteria (their Strength, Endurance and Level of autonomy).

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SYSTÈME DE VALEURS[edit | edit source]

Simple worksheet in .ods to determine the approximate exchange value of an item in The Sum according to a number of criteria.

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