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The following programs are not required to edit [[Wikipedia 2197|The Sum], but they can be very useful.

Photoshop[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of the Photoshop interface (with action group The Sum Tools 1.0.

Photoshop, thanks to a series of pre-programmed actions for The Sum, allows to quickly prepare content to be used in its various Content editors.

Toolbox.png Télécharger

Bulb.png  After installation, add the action package The Sum Tools 1.0 

Alert.png  We highly recommand you hack this program as its company business policy is the absolute worse. 

Red!Viewer[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of the RED!Viewer interface when consulting a .spr file from The Sum.

Red!Viewer allows you to quickly view the .spr and .zar files used by the game by simply double-clicking them.

Toolbox.png Télécharger

Alert.png  Red!Viewer requires the file Comdlg32.ocx which may not be present on your computer. To install it, download it, save it in C:\WindowsSysWOW64, press
, type cmd, press
to run the application as an administrator, then type regsvr32 c:\Windows\SysWOW64\comdlg32.ocx followed by

Everything[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of the Everything interface.

Everything is a search program that is much more efficient than the built-in Windows search. It allows to find almost instantly a file and manipulate it as needed. As modifying The Sum requires to modify a large quantity of files, the use of Everything will probably be necessary.

Toolbox.png Download

Audacity[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of the Audacity interface.

When it comes to producing audio files (for character voices, ambient noise, etc.), Audacity is the best software to use. In addition, it allows you to easily capture audio from the computer, which makes it easy to capture synthetic voices or sounds that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

Toolbox.png Download

Bulb.png  If an audio file .mp3' or .wav embedded in the game does not work, open it in Audacity and export it again with a bitrate of 128 kbps or less.