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A user page ("PU" in the Wikipedia jargon) is a personal page intended to introduce you, to indicate the tasks you plan to complete on the encyclopedia. This is one of the benefits reserved for contributors who already have a user account on Wikipedia.

What is a user page?[edit source]

In order to clearly elaborate the principle, the fictitious pseudonym "Anabel Lebel" is used throughout the page.

A page of the personal space[edit source]

The main options relating to a user page.

Each member is entitled to a discussion page and possibly a user page and various sub-pages.

Anabel Lebel, initially only had one page in her personal space: her discussion page (User discussion:Anabellebel). This is where volunteers post a welcome message when a member registers. Subsequently, a new registrant can create, if he.she wishes, a personal page, or user page (User:Anabellebel) and possibly one or more sub-pages like: User:Anabellebel/Title of sub-page.

Pages starting with User: and User Discussion: are part of the personal space, which is not the articles area, but which still is not a space suitable for hosting advertising or promotional content. A Curriculum vitæ for example can find its place in order to inform the other users about its interests, its knowledge, and its possible conflicts of interest. On the other hand, a CV posted by a user who is not, or very little active, risks being perceived as a promotional act.

A public page[edit source]

Anyone can access a user page by searching for User:Nickname in the site search engine. To go to Anabel Lebel's page, type User:Anabellebel. You can also access a member's user page when signing a message. Indeed, when you write a message in a discussion space, its author is not automatically specified; you must sign (see Sign your messages), which will generate a text determined in your preferences. However, in the signature, it is agreed to put a link to its user page.

On Wikipedia in English, this public page is not normally referenced by search engines, but it may happen that it is accessible by search engines referencing one of the many copies of the Wikipedia site. Thus, as everywhere on the Internet, it is not recommended to leave personal information there, such as e-mail, postal address or telephone number, as well as any information which you consider sensitive.

Difference with the talk page[edit source]

Unlike your user page, which is a personal presentation space, your talk page is used to communicate with other members of the community. This is where other Wikipedia contributors will write to you personally.

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